10 Festive Thanksgiving Traditions Around The World

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Hi there again, in the post earlier I mentioned about what is Thanksgiving, when was happened also where was originated location of Thanksgiving. Right now I would like to talk about how people around the world celebrate thanksgiving day, as many other country beside America also have their own way to celebrates Thanksgiving day.

Although, there are many celebrations variation each countries, but they have the same ideas to give thanks with friends and family for what they have and achieved so far. From Asian to South America has their own way to showing their gratitude, to celebrate the holiday with passion to share and gives with other.

Speaking about celebration of Thanksgiving means food, the tradition of Thanksgiving popular with turkey meals in America. Hence, there are many food version around the worlds despite a turkey meal. Here are the top 10 list of Thanksgiving celebration with their traditional food around the world.

1. Vietnamese Thanksgiving, Têt-Trung-Thu Festival.

Vietnam also celebrated their Thanksgiving alike on the 15th day of eight lunar cycle with the same cake of the Chinese mooncakes. The Vietnamese people celebrated by giving thanks with their family on their traditional Children's Festival. Story told that when the parent went to harvest, it was the busiest day of their life and had to leave their children for sometime. This festival is a way to show how they feel and make amends for leaving them so long. The children would be so happy with their love and appreciation from their parents, together they light up the handmade lanterns to show their gratitude.

2. South India, Pongal, the Harvest Festival.

Well, on Pongal, South India there four part Thanksgiving alike celebrations. The first celebration is Bhogi Pongal, the celebration to honors Indra, the king of the gods also known as the gods of rain. The families praying and gives offering to Indra so that their have successfully harvest. The second days they honors Surya Pongal, the Sun god, on this celebration they offering the god with special food called Sarkkarai Pongal along with sugarcane sticks.

And on the third day of celebration popular known as Mattu Pongal, this when the sheperds show they gratefulness for their cows and bulls by decorating and painting their animals. As for the final day Kaanum Pongal, people travelling to their family to give thanks and sharing the corps for their successful on harvesting.

3. United Kingdom Harvest Festival.

Saxon, United Kingdom based farmers, would give their first cut sheaf of corn and animal to one of gods to hope an abundant harvest. They believes that the Spirit of the Corn lived on the sheaf of corn, this tradition is showed by making a plaited corn dolls and hanged in the ceiling beam each years, with this dolls they hope that the Spirit will protecting their harvest process.

Till now the English people still make the corn dolls when harvesting and celebrate it with supper that present the season's produce is begin. As the children take gifts from the churches and schools in the form of vegetables and fruits to be given to poor people and elderly community.

4. Germany Erntedankfest.

In German the Thanksgiving alike celebration begin in September or October. The festival starting with an oration and then a procession that describe a traditional harvest crown is given to Ernteknigin, the harvest queen. After that the day of festival continue with music and dancing plus a bounty of vegetables and fruits taken from the harvest.

While the family gather around and feasting they also giving the unused food to the poor families. Isn't like in America there are no turkey but there is a chickens are served in the supper. When in other parts of town there are evening gathering followed by parade of lantern and porch plus children's fireworks.

5. China, "Chung Chiu" Moon Festival.

In China on the 15th day of eight lunar cycle families gather around to held the autumn harvest. These three days festival presenting their traditional mooncakes as their main food. Sweet cakes contained with sesame feed and duck eggs blended with a baker's insignia also lotus seeds. In the center of the mooncakes there is desired salty yolk to refer to the full moon. This mooncakes represent as a sign of peace and unity.

The thing is not everyone can make this mooncakes, this is one of the hardest cakes to make in China. In fact Chinese people prefer to buy them in bakeries. Or some Chinese people fabricated a cakes or cookie with the moon shape. This festival known as Chung Chiu Festival.

6. Brazil, Day of Thanksgivings.

In Brazil Thanksgiving is not an official holiday, not all Brazilians celebrate this day. Originated back then in 1949 when a seasonal celebration held to show gratitude to the Lord for an abundant harvest over the year. The festival was called Dia de Ao de Graas, which means day of thanksgiving inspired by the The United States celebrations after Brazilians ambassador visit the U.S.

And then every fourth Tuesday of November the day of Thanksgiving in Brazil celebrated, complete with a turkey and others food likes potatoes, corn stuffing also pumpkins. The most essential part of the day is that the day is full with food as they share with their family and friends.

7.Ghana, Homowo or Yams Festival.

Ghanians celebrate their Thanksgiving day with yams, as of in the U.S. yams is part of traditional Turkey Day table. Ghanians celebrate the day to ward against starvation and give thanks to the spirits for an abundant harvest. The festive begins with a ritual to prestige the deceased and twins also triplets in the brotherhood.

Traditional food processing likes mashed yams with hard-boiled eggs combined with Kpekpele a crushed cornmeal with palm oil. When the food are being prepared the Ghanians wearing multi-coloring togas dancing in the ceremonial with a large feast in the end.

8. Barbados, Crop Over Festival.

Barbados' Thanksgiving celebrated with sugarcane. The tradition started in 1688, with the ceremonial carriage of the last canes along with the presentation harvest champions to the individuals that produce the most sugarcane. The people then eat fish cakes and chicken from stands nearby. Some people's challenge other to climb greased poles and competition in drinking and feasting. The peak of the show is ending with the Grand Kadooment a parade with costumes with variant themes.

9. Malaysia, "Kadazan Harvest” Festival.

In Sabah, Malaysia celebrates religious holiday in May, to honors the God of Rice, Semangat. The ceremony to show their gratitude for the abundant harvest. The celebration often followed with carnivals and cultural programs as well as traditional games also buffalo races and agricultural shows. The Malaysian people dressed using local costumes and share homemade rice wines.

10. Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration.

It was back in 1872 when the first Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated. It was held to gratitude the recovery of King Edward VII from serious sickness, however the official Thanksgiving day established by the Parliament in 1957 and took the second Monday in October as the official date.

Commonly, Canadians having meals on Sunday, is the same as UK harvest festival. Canadians decorated their church with cornucopias, an ornament with goat's horn overflowing with flower and fruit and corn. Nowadays Canadians celebrates its with football, parades and large feast with turkey on the dining table.

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