10 Most Anticipated Bahamas Islands Travelers Must Know

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Are you planning of a holiday in the Bahamas, but confuse which island you would like to visit? This amazing report introduces you to the unique character of each island and the secrets and adventures that it has to offer.

1. New Providence, Nassau

New Providence is home to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and by far the largest city. Nassau was first settled in the 17th century and is rich in history, including many real pirates. Nassau contain a astonishing colonial architecture, and on the outer side of the island, a strip of top notch hotels and casinos in lines along CableBeach. Connected to New Providence by a bridge, Paradise Island is home to the huge Atlantis resort with its shark pools and waterslides fixtures. New Providence offers golf, tennis, scuba diving, fishing charters, gambling, nightlife, sightseeing and cultural activities.

2. Grand Bahama Island

Half a century ago, Grand Bahama Island, where Freeport is nestled, was almost uninhabited. Today, its port is one of the largest in the hemisphere, and the city of 50,000 is known as a resort and cruise ship destination. The tourist center is Port Lucaya, with a large marina, high-rise beach resorts, shopping and restaurants. Diverse to New Providence, Grand Bahama island has less populated regions presenting exotic deserted beaches and amazing tropical pine forests. The Lucayan National Theme Park with a nature reserve and a huge underwater cave system.

3. The Abacos

The Abacos, the recognized sailing capital of the Bahamas, are among the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. Marsh Harbor on Great Abaco is an important boat charter center as well as a base for scuba diving and deep sea fishing. The Abacos were occupied by loyalists who fled New England after the Revolutionary War. The islands are known for their Cape Cod-style houses with shingles and fences. To contrast its quaint villages, Abaco has several great resorts complete with championship golf courses and acres of condos.

4. The Exumas

The Exumas are a chain of over 300 islands and cays. Apart from Great and Little Exuma, which are the two biggest, most are uninhabited - and that's half the fun. Like the Abacos, the Exumas are wonderful sailing areas. The largest settlement is George Town in Great Exuma, a village of 1000 souls and a beautiful harbor. ExumaCaysLand and SeaNational Park, north of the chain, are popular with divers and even have some nature trails for landlubbers. Exuma also has several major resorts, including the Four Seasons at EmeraldBay.

5. The Hemingway's Island

Hemingway's famous "Island in the Stream" lies Bimini in the Gulf Stream, just 50 miles from the east coast of Florida. Hemingway has helped make it famous as the center of deep-sea fishing, and it still is. Bimini - which is actually two islands and a number of cays - is also a popular sailing area, and the main settlement, Alice Town, provides for the yachting crowd. Bimini has a large resort, Bimini Bay, but is otherwise very rustic. Bimini's other claim to fame is Bimini Road, a stone road in twenty feet of waterSome believe it is a remnant of the lost city of Altantis.

6. The Eleuthera

With 60 miles of beaches and just a few dozen hotel rooms, Eleuthera is a paradise for beach lovers who enjoy privacy and unspoiled nature. Eleuthera is an island with green hills and sleepy villages. The guides are happy to note that Eleuthera does not have a single traffic light, but that's not surprising, considering that most of it has only one street. Needless to say, there's little need for a map, and on an island that's less than a mile wide for long stretches, you're never far from the beach. For more information about Eleuthera click here.

7. The Andros

Andros is by far the largest of the Bahamas, covering an area of ​​2300 square miles. The interior, supposedly the largest unexplored land mass in the world, is home to six-foot iguanas and the rare Bahamian Boa Constrictor. Sasquatch was not spotted, but only because no one has defied the iguanas and boas looking for him. The east coast of the island, the only populated area, has scattered villages and miles of beautiful beaches. Just off the coast is Andros' other big attraction, a huge barrier reef - the second largest in the world.

8. Long Island

Long Island is one of the few Bahamian islands that is not primarily dependent on tourism. Fishing, and to a lesser extent agriculture, still prevails. The island was populated by American loyalists from the south who came with their slaves and plantations. However, the soil would not support large-scale agriculture, and the plantations were gradually abandoned. Their ruins can still be seen. Long Island also has Dean's Blue Hole, one of the deepest in the world and a spectacular sight with its high cliffs.

9. Cat Island

Fifty miles long and with a population of 1600, Cat Island is a place for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of rural North Dakota. Cat has many miles of deserted pink sand beaches and a central ridge reaching 200 feet, the highest point in the Bahamas. A monastery known as the Hermitage, built by an Anglican clergyman who became a Catholic priest, is located on the summit. Apart from the sky itself, a hermit could hardly have found a better place for rest.

10. San Salvador

On the Bahamian island of San Salvador, Columbus landed for the first time in the New World. There are four monuments to the event scattered over this lonely island of 1000 souls. The interior of San Salvador is mostly occupied by salt lakes and swamps, and the only road follows the circumference of the island. San Salvador is almost completely surrounded by a reef and offers some of the best dive sites in the Bahamas, including cave diving and wreck diving. The beaches are also excellent. The island hosts the only Club Med in the Bahamas, a sprawling 200-room resort, one of the most luxurious in the Club Med chain.

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