10 Shocking Facts About The Vikings, That People Have Missed

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Vikings is called differently in some countries, Danish and Norwegian is called Vikinger, on Nynorks and Swedish, Icelandic they called Vikingar. Based from the Old Norse Vikingr, were Norse sailor and speaking with Old Norse language. The Norse sailor who take a journey from their Scandinavian across the Europe, they sails on wide areas of northern and eastern also central of Europe, it is been told that this happened during the late 8th to 11th centuries.

Vikings are known of their seafaring skills, and supported with the strong longship, their movement at times reached the Mediterranean also North Africa and Middle East as well as Central Asia. This expanding is greatly increased the number of Vikings to explore and find settlement. So, their communities and polities were habitual on diverse areas of Europe (North Western), European Russia also North Atlantic Island until North Eastern Coast of North America. This journey has marked as the day when their culture are spread wider, however they also continuously proposing foreign cultural influencing to their home country, which is known as culture trading for deep development on both cultures.

After the expansion, the Vikings are heard, the modern Vikings culture concept can be found in their descendant and modern Scandinavia occupant. Sometimes the concept are different from the pictures or source that rises from historical information and archaeology. On the 18th century the Viking has become popular as a noble savage, and continuous developed until 19th century, marked as Viking Revival. The images of Viking as violent tribes, piratical heathens also brave sailors has affected to varieties of the modern Viking legend since the early of 20th century. Nowadays, what people know about Viking is based from cultural cliches and unoriginal facts, this is confusing present appreciation of the Viking heritage.

Once again, what you know about the Viking right now is mostly from caricatures or some stories, there are still many facts that probably you ever heard before about Vikings. These are 10 list facts about the Vikings that you should know.

1. Vikings Wearing Horned Helmet Is Wrong Fact.
This is surprised me either, I saw in the movie they're wearing horned helmet. According to reliable source the only original helmet is horn free. Some artists maybe fabricated their paints following the trend during the 19th century. Maybe they inspired by ancient Greek and Roman history, that tell story about Norse and Germany priests did wearing horned helmets during ritual ceremonial.

2. Vikings Are Very Concern About Hygiene.
This fact is based on excavations of Viking sites, they found razors, tweezers and combs also ear cleaners created from animal antlers and bones. The Vikings also clean up their body a least once every week, this more often than other Europeans take dips in hot waters.

3. Vikings Has A Special Liquid To Make Fires.
Even though Vikings are hygiene, but they had away to produce a fire through harnessing the power of human waste. They collecting fungus is called touchwood from tree skins, the next step is to boiled the fungus for several days with urine. The chemistry of two element allow the material to smolder. This is why the Vikings could take fire on the journey.

4. Vikings Treats The Dead In Boats.
The boats is everything to Vikings, they love so much. The honor was majestic to be interred in one. Ancient Vikings told that Vikings warriors goals is happiness in realms after death, and the vessels that performed them well in life would assist him to reach their final goals. Great warrior and precious women always placed to rest in boats, with them is their weapons, important belongings, and slaves sacrificed for them sometimes.

5. Vikings Slave Trading Are Real.
This is the biggest income for Vikings, some of Vikings become rich by doing human trafficking. They hunt and capture and then enslave women and young men. While they expanding their territory often they also looking for "thralls", this is the slave is called. And they sold the thralls in giant slave markets in Europe And Middle East.

6. Viking Women Enjoyed Some Exclusive Rights.
In the Vikings women are married in the early age, as young as 12 and determine to keep the household while their mate sailed off on journey. Hence, the girls of the era had more freedom than the other women which means is thrall women. They will receive property, could request a divorce and take their dowries soon as their marriages are over.

7. Farming Is The Vikings Men Specialist.
Others than raided and wars, most Vikings men wielded scythes, is not like whats you seen on your TV. There are some Vikings become pirate who created chaos when they stepped off their boats. However, these Vikings are good at farming and raised pigs, goats and cattle. They are stocking enough food for family especially on winter time.

8. Vikings Love To Ski.
The Scandinavians 6000 years ago has developed skis, by the Viking age this is the best way to hangout and a popular sport of recreation. Vikings even have ski god, they named Ullr.

9. Viking Men Prefer Have A Blonde Hairs.
Viking also concern about beauty ideals, a Vikings gentlemen prefer to bleach the hair to get blonde. In some area the beards always colored as well. This hairs things also help Vikings with a problem with head lice.

10.Vikings Not United
The facts that all Vikings did not lives in unified, they don't even know their fellow Vikings. Even, they maybe did not called them a Vikings. The term means to all Scandinavians that participated on the overseas journeys. After the settlement of Denmark and Norway also Sweden, Vikings lives on chapters. A chapters of tribes that always fight each other when they are not busy wreaking havoc on International shores

Vikings didn’t recognize fellow Vikings. In fact, they probably didn’t even call themselves Vikings: The term simply referred to all Scandinavians who took part in overseas expeditions. During the Viking Age, the land that now makes up Denmark, Norway and Sweden was a patchwork of chieftain-led tribes that often fought against each other—when they weren’t busy wreaking havoc on foreign shores, that is.


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