14 Greek Culture Facts That You Should Know

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Now we travel to Greek, a country which recently hit by economic crisis. Their economic fall and they cannot pay their international debts. OK hold on, I am not gonna write about their economic or reasons why they went broke. Let's forget about them behind and now we talk about their interesting culture.

First, let me provide you with the Greek culture history. Their culture was started since Paleolithic era and has been growing in the past centuries. Ancient Greek was the foundation of Western culture nowadays, such as democracy, the same rights under the law and trial by jury. It was Greek that started literary forms and mastering in many expert fields likes physics, history also philosophy as well as geometry and biology.

We can see the Greek culture is described on their traditions, language, wine, food also their music and through their art and literature also great passion that Greece people always pride themselves on also you can look deeper in their ethnic and their patriotism.

Greece also known as the most fantastic myth, from Zeus, Hercules and the origins of gods also they have famous philosophers such as the great Socrates and Plato as well as their pupil Aristotle the great metaphysics with mathematics expert also physics plus studying as well as biology botany and mastering ethics, politics, agriculture and practiced medicine, dance and theatre.

Below are 14 facts about Greece that you must know about Greece,

Greek Culture Facts

1. The Greece culture is thick with superstitious and they have very strong bond of religious. Even though the superstitions and the traditions in Greece are not the same in every villages and regions.

2. They named the baby born with their religious saints names. And when the saint is celebrated each year by the church, the baby who named after the saints celebrates Name Day. This celebration is more important than birthdays in Greece. They celebrated by visiting friends and family, giving small gifts and wishes.

3. Greek couples that wishes to be coupled will have to be engaged first. They held a celebration likes a wedding plus wedding ring exchange and gifts. The ring exchange is interesting, the rings are intentionally put in the wrong hand, until the wedding ceremony takes places, this is the time when they wears the rings on right hands.

4. The Greece celebrated The Ohi day on October 28, the day when Metaxas the Greece dictator declined entry into Greece by the Italians, this event happened in the World War II.

5. Instead of Friday the 13th Greek culture believed that Tuesday 13th is the unlucky day.

6. In Greek when two people say the exact same thing at the same time, they must do this, say 'piasa kokkino' and then they must touching anything with red tones. This red tones is meant to avoid the bad omen.

7. Greek is the one that popularize literary forms likes epic also lyric poetry also drama or tragedy and history. These you can see clearly on the construction they have, Ancient Greece Heritage likes theatres and temples all around in Greece.

8. The most dramatic theatre genre was born in Greece, comedy and satyr also tragedy all are from Greece. The theatre also born in Ancient Greece.

9. Greek people believed that dancing is created by gods and was a religious activity.

10. The artists was commonly paint in the wooden board in Ancient Greece, and then when Minoan and Mycenaean Ages wall painting are invented.

11. Back to Ancient Greece when sculpture was made from marble and stone when constructed monuments. Gold monuments is rare thing, the cons is that the sculptures are fragile, and only pieces of these things have survived.

12. The famous wine production discovered in Greece 6,500 years ago. Wine is a popular item in Ancient Greece, even the Roman Empire held Greek wine specially.

13. Greek philosophers are the best, they are Democritus, Protagoras, Pythagoras, Heraclitus also Thales and Socrates and Plato as well as Aristotle.

14. Indo-European language is Greek main language which is the main language of Hellenic Republic's. Over 15,000,000 people around the world speak with this language.

Well, so many history and culture inside Greece, it is wonderful country with remarkable heritage and art performance, and the most country with many philosophers contribute. Greece it self known as Civilization Country and The lands of Gods.


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