4 Frequently Asked Question Ever About Thanksgiving Tradition

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Have you ever seen Americans family gather around in the dining room every years. Having dining with traditional meal food such as turkey, others food that maybe presented likes corn,gravy or pies plus cranberries. The dining table decorated nicely to celebrating Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving day is an American holidays, for all of people and all religion, Thanksgiving is an universal holiday which you can celebrate anywhere, anyway you want it to be. The main things about Thanksgiving tradition are to give thanks for what you have by getting meals with family or friends.

Thanksgiving holiday also prestige of American history, story told that the first Thanksgiving happened when the native American people and the Pilgrims celebrate the harvest time in autumn for their cooperation also acceptance.
During the celebration they make bonfire and gather around having a supper.

As time goes by Thanksgiving celebrated with many different ways, but the essential things still remains as how we give thanks to what wee have till now. As many American families celebrated Thanksgiving in their own ways. Well, for people who want's to know more about Thanksgiving, these are several fact than maybe you answer your questions.

1. When Thanksgiving Is Celebrated?

Thanksgiving is an essential holiday for people who celebrate it. On the lasted week on November United States celebrated this holiday. Thanksgiving came from a harvest festival back in history, and now has been celebrated nationally since 1789 after George Washington proclamation.

2. Why People Celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

The first Thanksgiving event happened when Native American celebrated with the Pilgrims after harvesting in the New World In 1621. The event held for three days, and it was attended by 53 Pilgrims and 90 Americans people that day. So on this event known as Happy Thanksgiving Day, to conserve this tradition every years in 4th November Americans families celebrated this event.

3. What Happened In Thanksgiving?

An event held in 1621 by the Wampanoag and The Pilgrims at the Plymouth Plantation celebration the tradition by having a feast. And this event turns our continued in our times with Thanksgiving dinner, using traditional meals likes Turkey as the main food in this dinning. Families and friends gather around to enjoy the meals and to give thanks to what we have together.

4. When Was Thanksgiving Officially Recognized As A National Holiday?

Since 1983 Thanksgiving has been celebrated as federal Holiday, and then during the Civil War breakout in America, President Abraham Lincoln decided to officially make Thanksgiving as a National Day. Therefore, in November all Americans celebrated Thanksgiving day in many ways according to their origins but they important matter is still the same, to give thanks to everyone for what we have.

That's all folks 4 frequently asked question about Thanksgiving Day that you should know. The basic knowledge about upcoming Thanksgiving before you're celebrate it. Please to comment and share any Thanks giving ideas in your family, as in the next article I will writing about how people around the world celebrates Thanksgiving day.


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