Astounding "Fahombo", The Most Challenging Stone Jumping Traditions From Nias, Indonesia

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This one of the most unique and challenging tradition, originated from Nias, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. This tradition known as Fahombo or Lompat Batu, and if we say in English then it would be Stone Jumping. Well, right now we go back to Indonesia, is a great country with many culture and traditions, you should visit Indonesia.

The Lompat Batu tradition is played by young men by jump over a rock with 2 meter high and 40 cm thick. The tradition is to show that the young men are worthy to be considered mature physically. This is not just merely a tradition, in Nias this tradition is very popular, play as the main show on native events. And of course this challenging tradition attracted tourist from around the globe that went there.

How they do it? Jump over 2m high stacked rock without bump over the rock. See, I want believed either in the first place, but if you see the video (which I provided in the end of the article) then you would be amazed. This brave young men are trained to overcome their fear and jump in strange movement, I mean is not regular jump movement.

Fahombo Origin

This tradition has been done since immemorial, according to its history this stone jumping action created because of a habit of the people when a tribes war happened. Supposedly at that time, in every rival villages has a fort to defend their area from other. In this case, to attack the enemy they will needs a special force to jump over the fort. Therefore, they built a stacked stone which is use to trains their physic, especially to be expert on jumping.

And when the war is ended, this tradition become an event that people loves to do. Lompat Batu gained more development in time, its become ritual or media for young people to show the elder that they have grown up. But, as information not all of Nias village do this, just several villages that have this tradition. However, because of the uniqueness this Lompat Batu began to be widely known and become a cultural symbol for the people of Nias.

The Meaning of Fahombo

As I wrote earlier that Lompat Batu used for measured the maturity of the young men in Nias. Other than that, Lompat batu also media for testing the dexterity and virility of the young guns. For the people in Nias this tradition is a process of maturation to build strong character to help them going through this life.

Beside that if there is a young men that can jump perfectly, then is become an honor to him and family. Because not all the young men can do this directly, they need work hard and times to able jump the stone. This Lompat Batu is dangerous and high risk event, you can be injured if you not done it properly, such as broken bones or head injury often happened, so its not surprised for who can successfully jump the stone will held a ceremony of thanksgiving.

The Timing And Place For Lompat Batu Tradition

Where and when is Lompat Batu to be performed? The performance of Lompat Batu will be held in time that already decided by people of Nias, followed by teenage that already grown up. The place it would be the special place that have been used for generations to do this tradition. This place marked by a stacked stone with 2 meter high and 40cm thick which later used as the jumped stone.

When it performed all of people in the village are there to witness, then the player are ready wearing native Nias warriors costumes. One by one player jump the stone, but before they do it, they will take a breath and square off before they ran fast and step on the stone pedestal and then jump high to cross the big stone. When they jump their body not allowed to touch the stone, if there any touch then the player fail.

There are something that must be concerned about this tradition, especially on the landing style. If any player landing in the wrong position which is not good, it can cause an injury likes broken bones and muscle injury. Therefore, not any teenager would allowed to participated in this tradition. Even though this tradition functioned as maturity test for any teenager. But, for them who trained since childhood, they already know the tactics and is their habit to jump.

The Lompat Batu Development

Since then this tradition is still continued to be preserved until now. Lompat Batu become an identity characteristics for the people of Nias. And many villages now make Lompat Batu as their years agenda, as ceremony and ritual tribes, as they become the hottest attractiveness for international and local tourists that visited Nias.

Well, that's for now, hope this article clear your mind about Lompat Batu from Nias, Indonesia. As for other article from Indonesia you can read this.
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