Essential Things You Must Know Before Visiting Bahamas Island

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Extraordinary Bahamas Island Beach

The Bahamas is one of the hottest and most touristic sites. The charisma and the aura of the place are mesmerizing. It seems that nature has given everything to this place.

The Bahamas is one of the favorite, warm and evergreen tourist sites. The charisma and the aura of the place are mesmerizing. It seems that nature has given everything to this place with its 15 beautiful and exclusive islands, its beaches and its charming Bahamian. The location of the place is such that it brings it closer to all the Caribbean islands. Located a few miles from the tip of Florida, the Bahamas have everything to fascinate their visitors.

The two most famous islands of this place are: The Out Island and Nassau or Paradise Island. Nassau is also the capital of the Bahamas. The Out Islands are a group of islets such as Abacos, Acklins, also known as Crooked Island, Andros, etc. diving, fish and others. The rare flamingos of the West Indies can be a feast for the eyes on the Inagua Islands; the pulse of romance can get worse in the calm, peaceful and beautiful Mayaguana Islands. Last but not least, the island of San Salvador, which made a trip to the past when Christopher Columbus went there for the first time.

Besides the islands, there is a horde of soft, sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters that make you live heaven on earth. The busiest, most active and bustling beach is Nassau's Cable Beach, where you and your kids can enjoy all the activities, from snorkeling to scuba diving and bouncing banana boats. Guana Beach on the Abaco Islands has eye-catching corals in the waters, while Pink Sands Beach on the Harbor Islands has a mystifying pink sand. In addition to that, there is a beautiful beach at Cat Islands, Taino Beach with exceptional oceans, water slides, restaurants at Freeport. Stocking Island Beach provides you with a rented scooter or bike to experience the beach distinctly.

In addition to the splendor of the landscape, the Bahamas are also admired for their ecstatic nightlife. Casinos, discotheques, bars, restaurants are all designed to keep you up, even at night. The Nassau and Freeport Islands casinos such as Atlantis Resort, Marriott Crystal Palace Resort and Bahamas Princess Casino offer all types of gambling. Whether it's slot machines, Caribbean stud poker, slot machines, roulette, etc., casinos have them all. There are also children's games at Atlantis Casino located on Paradise Island.

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Ways to reach Bahamas, people, culture and some do's and don'ts

There are two ways to reach this country of water.You can take a plane or the seaway. You can choose between a private jet or a relaxing Mailboat, which takes only $35 of the time. Cruise ships are also a nice idea to reach the Bahamas.

Once you reach the place you might not have the interaction problems for the spoken language are English. You will begin to have the wonderful scent of the place as soon as you arrive, as the Bahamians are too enthusiastic to welcome their guests with warmth and warmth. The ideal time to travel to the Bahamas is between September and May, when the temperature of the place varies from 70 to 75 degrees. The Bahamas have something different to offer, like the somewhat strict dress code in the capital but benign in the Out Islands. Most Bahamians are West Africans. They are kind, kind and generous people, too social and fun.

When heading to this beautiful place, do not forget to bring photo proof of identity in addition to your passport. This can be your license, your identity card or such proof. You must complete an immigration form before traveling to the Bahamas. Your luggage will be carefully checked before leaving the island. There are several taxes such as the $15 departure tax, the 10% tax for products over $600 (the goods granted duty-free). The currency used is the Bahamian dollar, but US dollars are easily accepted.

So pack your bags and explore the country charm of islands and crystal-clear beaches: the Bahamas.

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