Great Scotland's Traditions, The Amazing Highland Games

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Here we are, born to be kings, we're the princes of the universe.. That was Prince of Universe from Queen lyrics which known as original sound track for Highlander movie, story tells of a human that can lives forever. This highlander story follows a Scottish fellow Duncan MacLeod through his life as an immortal. But, before I am going to far let me stop here, I am not to discuss these fellow or his movie, instead I am going to talk about Scotland and the country traditions.

One of Scotland traditions is 'Highland games', happened from Cowal through Tomintoul, it's a combination of sport with cultural and social. Highland games also contains of field and track events, dancing also piping with hammer throw and caber tossing included. Sometimes heavy events such as the tug-of-war is also presented.

The Highland games came from the Ireland of 2000 BC, and the biggest and most prestigious happened in September and it's called the Braemar Gathering. This games are become the annual attendance of the Royal Family. There are vary of contests likes jumping, throwing, running and riding. Back then this game was meant to selecting the best men for soldiers and couriers as was introduced by Malcolm Canmore in 1040.

The Highland Games History.

The highland games become more popular, but in 1746 they are suffered a set back. A mortal blow with the Act of Proscription, it happened because the crushing of the Jacobite Rebellion. The act forced not to wear Scottish dress and customs also gatherings, and this happened nearly 40 years. When its over, the games revive and gained popularity with the visit of George IV to Scotland in 1822. The king gathered in Edinburgh and wearing full highland customs. The presence of the king were received fantastic welcome and is honored to this day with two Edinburgh Landmark, George IV Bridge and George Street.

The Highland Games Piping and Dancing.

Piping and dancing is are the same as the sport, there was a contest for piping, dancing and fiddling also contest for playing the Clarsach (Gaelic Harp). The heads of the clans take one on one with other clan to mark their pipers, and the reputation that came from success was substantial.

The contest is attracting the people plus combined with the performance of the dancers and pipers also together with the color and majesty of the Scottish view in the background, this event are become the must attending event to any visitor's in Scotland agenda.

The Highland Games Around The Globe.

The games have been known around continents, the first game held in the USA, on 1836 in New York, and then the San Fransisco Caledonian Club followed in 1866 and the St Andrews Society from Detroit held the game after. And right now the games are more popular, by more than 200 annual games also gatherings around US and Canada as well as held in New Zealand and Australia, not to mention the games all across the Scotland itself.


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