Indigenous People From Arctic "Inuit", The History, Culture And Traditions

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Awesome Native Inuit Riding Sleds Transportation In Arctic

Arctic, the coldest soil on earth. Who wants to lives there? Well, they did, they call himself Inuit, popular as indigenous people from Arctic. Lives in freezing climate surrounded by sharp landscape and Arctic tundra. Somehow they manage to overcome this difficultness. Their traditions of life was inspired by this problems, such as home made from snow, invented gears or tools and method to survive. This is the story of the bravest people on earth and what changes has been made over the century.

Where Inuit People Lives?

They can be found mostly in the Arctic, specially in the Northwest Arctic Territories, some of them lives in Labrador and Quebec Canada. In Alaska beyond tree line Inuit peoples are called Yupik and Inupiat, in Russian Inuit is prefer to Yupik people. In other country Inuit is known as Eskimos. The main language of Inuit people is called the Inuktitut language, and in their language Inuit means "the people".

Inuit people lives in the tundra, where only ice field surround. In the tundra you there is no trees, so is impossible to find a timber to build a house, except it is exported from elsewhere. What they can build is a snow house, using snow the only things that a tundra produce. A half round snow house called "igloos" is perfect for winter, hence in the summer when the snow melted Inuit build a summer camp made from animal skins extended over a frame. So you can imagine how difficult Inuit has lives in two model house during climate change. Therefore, nowadays they are lives in home built with other materials imported from other areas.

Inuit Daily Activities

Inuit use sleds created from animal bones also animal skins to travel, pull of by strong dogs bred by Inuit. The dogs have thick fur like huskies so the dogs can stand the Arctic cold temperature. As on the small waters Inuit use "kayaks", a small boats for two people transportation. As of the ocean Inuit using a larger boats called "umiaq", this boats use to transport people, supplies food and animals .

Inuit traditional food consisted of meat because in tundra most plants will fail to grow. Inuit hunt and fish to meet their daily food needs. Most of their food neither sea animals or wild animals results of their hunt. Inuit use their traditional outfit to protect their body when hunting. The Inuit costumes made from fur and animal skins, while their food is protected by boots made from animal skins. To protect the head Inuit use big hoods called "parkas" as top costumes. And parkas now has been use in other places and has been made with other materials.

Inuit Traditions

Over the century Inuit traditions has changed majorly, but certain traditions is still continues. The storytelling traditions and mythology also dancing remain essentials elements of the Inuit culture. They still hold firm family bound and community. The native language Inuktitut is still use by Inuit in some areas of the Arctic, and common in radio and multimedia.

Inuit On 20th Century

Before 20th century Inuit had zero changes to communicate with others, specially Europeans. Europeans just passed through during hunting whales or trade furs, however that none of Europeans want to settling down on Arctic land. This is why Inuit has no progress, they have to improve by himself as they own the Arctic for themselves. Inuit also moved to place where there were foods to hunt.

When the Cold War began the Arctic have changed, the place become destination for country that didn't get along to each other. People from around the worlds using airplane are began their journey to the Arctic. Home settlements are build in the Arctic with new airbases also radar stations belongs to rival countries. In some areas hospitals and schools were constructed.

With schools being built, Inuit children are began attending to school to get a better education. With healthy lives Inuit population grew larger, this conditions makes native Inuit to move into permanent community with better foods and jobs. In the year 1960 in some Arctic areas there were town constructed and many Inuit has moved to the town.

However in deep Arctic territory there are still native Inuit lives with their traditions and culture with their family and heirs to continuous their legacy. To keeps the Inuit ways of life.

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