Interesting La Tomatina Festival, Tomatoes Street Fight From Spain

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This time we go to Spain, to be exact in Bunol near Valencia. Where a little while ago this town held a year festival is called La Tomatina. What is La Tomatina and what else happen in this festival? Is this some kind of carnival or parade? Well, lets get started.

La Tomatina is festival of food fight happened on the last Wednesday of August every year. Bunol, is the town that held this festival, many people attracted from all the globe to participate in this world most biggest food fight. What food? Is tomatoes, over one hundred metric tons of mellow tomatoes were thrown in the festival.

Over 40,000 people recorded participated in this tomatoes fight, where Bunol normal population only 9,000. To reduce this over population since 2013 official ticketing has been ruled, only 20,000 people were allowed to participated. This is an opportunity business to people in Bunol, they sale the ticket online, even right now they already sale the ticket for next year event. You can search google for this.

This condition make some people take an easy plan, they staying in Valencia nearby town, and then they take a bus or train to go to Bunol. From Valencia to Bunol is only 38km far. This festival taken in the main street of Bunol, you can imagine how dirty the streets after the show. So, before the festival the shopkeeper protected their shop with giant plastic to cover the storefronts.

La Tomatina Traditions Festival

The festival begin at 11am when many trucks line up into the center of the town bringing full tomatoes on the back. They headed to Plaza del Pueblo. For cheaper tomatoes they take the tomatoes from Extremadura. But, before the festival begin there is additional show as one of the participant must climb the two-story pole, to reach the precious ham at the pole top.

Well, the show still began even though there are no man that reached the pole. The signal for La Tomatina is the firing of water cannons. When the water is firing so the chaos is begins, once it started you never get out you will be throwing target for whoever in that street, as you can do either throwing the tomatoes in any directions.

The chaos stopped in one hour, in this time there is no more throwing, than the cleaning process commence. Using firefighter trucks to spray waters on the streets, the water taken in from a Roman aqueduct. The local government is more concern in cleaning the streets than cleaning the tourists. This make all the audiences had to find a place to cleaned up their bodies, some went to Bunol River.

There are rules to obey when you are going to La Tomatina Festival,

    1. Never allowed to bring bottles or hard objects in any shaped to avoid injury of others in case accidents happened.
    2. Don't rip others participants clothes
    3. Squash the tomatoes to reduces impact before your throw them.
    4. Stay away from the trucks
    5. If you hear stop signal, then you stop, no more throwing tomatoes.

Here some useful hints before you go to La Tomatina Festival,

    1. Wear any clothes and closed shoes which is you do not mind to throwing away later. If you were open shoes you may get injured or losing them during the festival.
    2. Googles can be useful to protecting your eyes, if not you can use any fabric to wipe you eyes, best is tuck in your shirt into your shorts so the bottom of your shirts is clean and dry.
    3. Bring water proof camera if you want to take any pictures.
    4. If you tourists not from Bunol, please settle down before the Festival begin, I mean you have completed your accommodation.
    5. You don't want miss the Palojabon, is race to climb the greased pole to reach the top to get A Spanish ham. Anyone succeed reach the pole than the ham is yours.

La Tomatina Origins

It started since 1944 or 1945, however no one is supposed to know how this tomatoes fight event originated. The closed theory for this Tomatina, is from local food fight between friends, a teenage class war, a volley of tomatoes in a carnival parade till an anarchic aftermath on accidental trucks leaks on the streets.

Hence, there is most believed theory, it is about townspeople who attacked city councilmen with tomatoes on town celebration because their rules or statement that disadvantage a lot of people. Bottom line is what the story behind this La Tomatina is not important, the fact is that the festival is repeated year after year.


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