Prambanan: Must Visit Temple In Indonesia

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Prambanan temple near to Yogyakarta on Java, Indonesia.

Have you ever heard about Candi?

'Candi' or temple in English is an archeological religious building coming from Hindu-Buddha civilization. This place uses for worship toward the God and Goddess in Hindu or Buddha religion. In Indonesia, there are many temples start from Hindu and Buddha temple, it also has many varieties of size. Usually, temple builds in highlands and has shape like a mountain. It is because in Hindu or Buddha believe that the God and the Goddess live in Himalaya, or in Indonesia they live in the top of Semeru mountain, named Mahameru. So, the temple represents of those mountains. One of the beautiful temples is Prambanan temple which is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

To come at Prambanan is very easy. You can go there by Jogja Tugu Trans Bus which has many shelters and it is very cheap anyway. When you also want to go somewhere else after Prambanan, you can rent a motorcycle as well. It is not hard to find this temple.

When you come to Prambanan temple, you will see many of small temples are broken. Actually they wait for the reconstruction. Prambanan is divided into three area, the highest area contains of 3 mains temple of God, 3 Wahana temple or vehicles of each Gods, 4 Kelir temples in each of the gate, 4 Pathok temples in each of the corner. The middle area contains of 224 Perwara temples, but only 3 Perwara temples already built. So, Prambanan has 240 temples.

You will see three biggest temple at the highest area. The biggest and the tallest one is Siwa temple, it is 47 meters and becomes the highest Hindu temple in Indonesia. Siwa is one of the three main Gods in Hindu and he is a God of Destroyer also Rebuilder. He destroy bad things and create it again into better. In Siwa temple has four chamber and each chambers has special statue which also has amazing story. The south side of Siwa temple, there is a temple for Brahma. Brama is God of Creator. The other north side of Siwa temple, there is Wisnu temple. Wisnu is God of Protector.

In each of the temple has unique carving, when you come inside of the three main temples you will see relief tells about Wisnu in another reincarnation. In Siwa it has relief about Wisnu as Rama, and the story is known as story of Rama or in Sansekerta language named Ramayana. This story continues at the Brahma temple. Meanwhile, in Wisnu temple you will see relief about Wisnu as Krisna. This story is also known as Kamasutra story, because the relief is little bit erotic and also tells about sex education.

Actually, for one tickets you also can see three Buddha temples near the Prambanan temple. You can visit the three temples by foot or with the mini-train. This mini-train is free for foreign tourist because the ticket is different. If you are a student, you can show your identity card and you will get some discount. The three Buddha temple are: Lumbung temple, Bubrah temple and Sewu temple.

If you want to know more about this temple, you can ask for the guide to accompany you or even sometimes there will be some students as the guide trainee. You can ask them to tell you more about the temple and it is for free. There is some information you cannot get from internet or even from book.

Don't miss this place when you have a plane to travel at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. You will never regret to come there. It is not only pretty picture you will get but also good experience because it is one of must visited temple in Yogyakarta even in the world.


Prambanan temple , Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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