Spooky Halloween Festival, From A Superstitions Become A Traditions

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Spooky, gloomy or creepy nuance are crawling in your home, combined with Gothic home decor makes your back hair rising one by one. Scared? Of course, this is the time when all unspoken creatures appearing in the street, haunting people with their pumpkins fireball and laughing when people got scared. It's matter life or death, its about horrible ghost affecting a whole country. Then we need a Ghostbusters, sure I am calling in now (dialing random number). Stop! this is not right, its not real. Is Halloween

Now, I like to share my knowledge about Halloween. It's unique traditions in some countries to celebrate Halloween, there are many names of Halloween in different cities and countries, but the main ideas is still the same. In US, Canada Halloween has the highest popularity, in China Halloween is called "Teng Chieh" festival, in Hong Kong Halloween prefer to "Yue Land" (Festival Hungry Ghost), in Japan known as "Obon Festival" as well as popular as "Matsuri" or "Uraban", in Korea is called "Chusok" while in Mexico, Latin America And Spain Halloween celebrated as "El Dia de los Muertos" which means a time to remember friend and family who have died, Sweden also have different names for Halloween, in Sweden is called "Alla Helgons Dag."

Halloween Origins

Halloween has red line with ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a festival when people light up bonfire and wearing costumes to get rid of the roaming ghosts. As in November 1 Pope Gregory III decided to celebrated a time to honor all martyrs and saints. And the day become popular with All Saint's Day Holiday. And the night before All Saint's Day is known as All Hallows' Eve and then changed into Halloween.

Back to November 1, as the date when The Celts who lives 2,000 years ago (today is Ireland) also United Kingdom and Northern France celebrate their new year. This date has marked as the end of summer and the harvest and the starting of the dark, freezing winter, they believed that this is the time when boundary between human worlds and the dead became blurred. On the eve of November 1 they celebrated Samhain, the day when the ghosts back to earth.

The affections of the dead that back to earth is causing trouble and destroying crops, also Celts thinks that the arrival of the force spirits made it possible for the elders to make prophecy about the future. And this prophecy are become essentials source to show direction and comfort during freezing dark winter.

To achieve the prophecy the elder Celts constructed large sacred bonfires, surrounding by the people to sacrifice their crops and animal, also the Celts wore outfits, mostly made from animal heads and skins. They were gathering to tell each others prophecies. After the celebration over the elders take the hearth fire from the bonfire to help protect them going through the winter.

And then in 43 A.D. Celtic has surrender to Roman Empire majorly. For 400 hundreds year Celtics under Roman Empire, their culture has combined. Two festivals in late October called Feralia, its Roman ways to commemorated the dead, and Pomona known as the Roman goddess of tress and fruit. Apple is the Pomona symbol which is explained the tradition of "bobbing" for apples, and it has practiced on Halloween.

Other development happened on May 13,, 609 A.D., its time when Rome dedicated to honor all Christian martyrs. Pope Boniface IV has granted a festival of All Martyrs Day in the western church. Later in the year of 731-741 by Pope Gregory III the festival all saints and martyrs was moved from May 13 to November 1.

In the 9th century Celtic was under influence of Christianity, and in 1000 A.D. the church would like to choose November 2 as the All Souls' Day to honor the dead. They celebrated the day using huge bonfires, all audience wearing costumes as devils or saints also angels. The All Souls' Day also popular known as The All Saints' day, and later on the celebration also called The All-hallows. And the night before it began to called All-hallows' Eve, till now named as Halloween.

How Halloween Comes To America

In the half of nineteenth century, huge immigrants exodus to America, there were specially from Ireland. These immigrants helped to introduce Halloween celebration nationally. America people began to extract the Ireland and English tradition, wearing a costumes and go door to door asking for candies and money. This traditions eventually known as today's "trick or treat" traditions. Till now Halloween in America celebrated in October 31.

Despite having upside down popularity over the century, Halloween in America has become a major holiday. Did you know that Americans people spend estimated $6 billion on Halloween? This is the second largest commercial holiday below Christmas holiday.

Halloween Traditions

Trick-or-treat maybe refer to All Soul's Day parades in England, people especially poor people would beg for food, and then the families give them pastries known as "soul cakes" hope they would pray for the family's dead relatives.
The soul cake is distributed by church which is supposed to replace food and wine for the spirits as practiced before. This going a-souling practice is refer to children activity visit house to house neighbor for ale, money and food.

While dressing in costume for Halloween is part of Celtic and European cultures. Refers to situation of hundreds years ago when winter is something dark, people were short on food, many people afraid of going out at night. Winter become nightmare and day by day people lives in constant worry. Winter Halloween is the day that ghosts came back to the world of humans, many people think of that and got scared that they maybe meet with the ghosts when left their homes at night. To solve this problem people wearing a mask and costume, so the ghosts would be mistaken with their fellow spirits. And for those whose in the house on Halloween, to keep the ghosts away people place bowls of food on the porch to luring the ghosts and prevent them from entering the house.

Well, as Halloween superstitions is to avoid a bad luck for those who believe in, for those who not maybe is positive things to maintains the traditions.

Source: History.com

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