Top 10 Most Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The World

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Singapore City Landscape Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The World

Speaking of world travel destination you will amazed if you are digging enough. There are plenty of places which is amazing and full of attraction. The world heritage is given by our ancestors with best architect construction or monument even some places is still unknown or not found yet. Every places have different ways to live the environment and climate are different on each. Variety of languages and cultures are unique one with another. Think of it every countries have unique culture that represent their characteristic. These things definitely will attract the interest of people to come and to see also learn.

Countries like Egypt, India, Italy and Greece its ideal for history lovers. Aside from this countries that popular from its history there are many destination that provides you with adventurous adrenalin jump sport likes bungee jumpee and rafting also hill climbing or downhill and many more. All you have to do is plan and organized a tour and start travels around the globes to experiencing the best adventure of your life.

For reference I am going to share top list countries around the world. Where you can enjoy the beauty of its environment and experiencing the best places to hang out with your family and buddies.

1. City of Bangkok Thailand.

Known as the capital city of Thailand. The top record happened in 2013 which approximately 15.98 million tourist around the world visit Bangkok. Bangkok red lights districts of Soi Cowboy plus Nana plaza offers craziest nightlife. Not to mention Khaosan road which is popular with nightlife for young backpacker. however a part of these town it is only available on the weekend time. Bangkok also recently reported that they have doing incredibly job to reduce crime rate. Their crime fighting program has been eventually adopted by neighboring nations.

2. London, England.

Number one city of England by tourists arrival, popular for its environment surround with historical and shopping destination. The one near river Thames called London Eye is always crowded. Record shown that this city is no.1 on visitors, reach almost 15.96 million over a year. Next is clock tower of the palace of Westminster which is popular as the Big Ben, almost every visitors will go to this landmarks in London for its amazing clock tower.

3. Singapore, Asia.

Singapore is an Asian city which is very popular for its visitor activities. Singapore offering endless locations spot to roam. Here you can find the best for water sport adventure activities such as bungee jumping or jet ski and many other. The famous Marina Bay F1 street circuit, where you can watch F1 night race from their skylines. The city is super clean in fact you will get punish for throwing junk or chewing gums randomly, so be careful watch your attitude.

4. New York City, The Big Apple.

Known as the first capital of the United State, also most anticipated city choice by international tourists. A lot of historical monuments, likes magical monument Statue of Liberty. Do not forget the Times Square, the most dashing square in New York with theatres and cinemas with thousands of electronic billboards display within outstanding skyscraper in the world. If you are planning to travel and shopping than New York is the right destination.

5. Dubai City, Middle East.

Dubai is most demanding middle east city destinations. Approximately 9.89 million per year traffic. Having one of the largest building in world history, called Burj Khalifa. The uniqueness of Burj Khalifa is built on sea which replicated palm tree shape. More from Dubai is shopping mall that combines with Mammoth Aquariusm also indoor ski slopes.

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The capital city of Malaysia located in South East Asia. Known for the twin towers Petronas building. Popular because of their five stars restaurants and buildings. The spirit element is strong in this town, a place such as Batu Caves visited a lot by religious tourism.

7. Hong Kong, China.

China most glamour city, popular for its nature and water adventure sports. Not to mention their famous ferry crossing, if you have planning going to Hong Kong then you must rides on the ferry. Hong Kong also known as their top notch skyline and modern building plus infrastructure. Unique combination between western and oriental cultures is presented very well.

8. Barcelona, Spain.

The Catalonia capital city, which have their own flag, also their language called Catalan. Home ground of the famous football soccer team Barcelona. The amazing Antonio Gaudi was the actor for many attraction in Barcelona. Many historical buildings such as museum and ancient cathedral could be your must visit when you are in Barcelona. Many tourists from Paris, London also Germany are visiting Barcelona every years.

9. Bali, Indonesia.

Popular as Pulau Dewata or God Island. Bali offers many exotic places and beaches. The astonishing Kuta beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue are the number ones destination in Bali. Bali also offers endless nightlife. The most attractive traditional Bali dance called Kacak is the most demanding show that always full of visitors.

10. Phi Phi Island, Thailand.

The superstar island travel destination in Thailand. Offering exotic beach with stone fortress surround. Maybe its the only reason why tourist visiting Thailand aside of Bangkok. Phi Phi island already presented on a movie, it is romantic island destination ever.

Hongkong Ferry Crossing Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The World

Pileh Lagoon in Ko Phi Phi Island - Thailand

Liberty Statue New York City Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The World

Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The World

Dubai City Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The WorldBig Ben London England Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The WorldBarcelona City Spain Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The WorldBangkok Historical Monument Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The WorldBali Island Indonesia Desired Destination Travel Agency Around The World
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