Wonderful Yet Attractive Romanian Dress Traditions

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Romania, a country that raised from the Roman Empire and once ruled under the great Ottoman Empire, later on become independent Kingdom. Romania nestled in the Southeastern Europe, which in World War II the country turned into a socialist republic. Romania is ones of the most wealthy stat of the European Union, the country have a lot of artists, musicians also remarkable heritage.

Romania as nowadays has become the heaven for economics and tourism even now it is called the Tiger of Eastern Europe. The fast growing economics contribution came from tourism industry, producing 5% of GDP, which means this country has large variation of unique places also great cultural festivals.

What we will try to gives you right now is about the traditional dress that Romania had. As you have read that Romania had many heritage with artists and musicians, that means the Romanian traditional dress could be a synthetic mixing of many culture. However, as many other neighbor country around, the Romanians also slowly losing their cultural means, as of now their traditional dress only use in some occasional ceremonies in the country. The people of Romania lives in many countries such as Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova which cause many variation of costumes has different look and style.

Talking about the Romanian dress tradition consisted of a chemise, is a shirt that have uniform shape, made from fabrics material likes linen, hemp and woolen. The costumes for Romanian men consisted of white trousers that have long reaching the ground mixed with white long=sleeve shirts with have button down in the center. The top body covered with the vests that were little shorter than the shirt. And for head decoration Romanian men wear a tall cylindrical black hats.

For variation purposes sometimes the Romanian men are doing something with their clothes, they're prefer to worn the shirts outside the trousers also they use trousers combined with dark shirts material then the usual white.

For women, the Romanian wear a black skirts mixed with red stripes running downward. Like the men costumes this women outfit also have long sleeve but they decorated with red embroidery lines on the arms. The top vest decorated with solid red trim on black background vest color. The Romanian women also wearing scarves on the heads or any other coverings, commonly their hair style is pulled back below the scarves with additional flower for decoration ideas.

The Romanians traditional dress is so wonderful yet attractive, hence not all Romanians wearing it, in the remote places or villages there you will find native people wearing traditional dress. On Sunday there are local people wearing traditional clothes with the fur hats. Some women using printed woolen scarves in their heads, and use a traditional straw hat on top the scarves while doing activities on the fields.




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